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I Love Being in the Outdoors...

I love being in the outdoors. I love sharing my passion for the outdoors with others. Most of all, I love what the outdoors does for me. The outdoors is peacefulness, mindfulness, and serenity when life is stressful.

The only loud music is the singing of the birds.

The only hustle and bustle are the chipmunks and squirrels.

The only moving images are the trees and grass swaying in the breeze.

I love being in the outdoors. The peace and serenity are broken only by the rustle of leaves and the sound of my footsteps.

Fresh air. Crisp, cool breeze. The sounds of nature.

I love being in the outdoors. The feeling of nature all around me calms me and speaks to my soul. When the chaos of daily life affects my outlook, I can trust in a trip to the outdoors to reset my brain and my nerves.

A few minutes on the trail, and my mind calms. I see more clearly. I am more aware of my surroundings: the subtle changes in air temperature as I walk through the woods; the not-so-subtle change as I trek through a clearing; the smell of the lake, or river, or earth; the sounds of birds, and chipmunks, and insects, and wind.

I love being in the outdoors. I enjoy the challenge of a new trail, and the change of flora with the seasons. I thrive on the new sights and how the scenery changes from spring to fall on the same section of trail.

Look closely at the flowers - set up just the right angle and get the perfect picture.

Get close up to the iridescent dragonfly or damselfly or butterfly.

Hear the owl, and listen for the response.

Feel the sun on my skin, and the sweat on my brow, and know that today, I am alive!

I love being in the outdoors. I am constantly amazed at the vivid colors nature provides, and how they are not quite captured by my camera. The depth of the steep downhill (or uphill!) and the sounds of waterfalls in the river below are impossible to replicate.

All the colors of the rainbow are laid out before me on the trail.

Rust colored streambeds from the iron in the ground water. Brilliant green lichen on the rocks along the trail. Purple mushrooms amid khaki leaves and cocoa-colored soil.

I love being in the outdoors. How many different shades of green can there possibly be? More than I can count, when I am on the trail!

Green leaves. Green moss. Green grass. Green algae. Green lichen. Green flowers. And the list goes on.

Let the greens soothe you, body, mind and soul. Allow them to become part of you as you spend time in nature. Contemplate how each shade of green became that color, and why that particular plant or animal is that specific shade. Let the greens soothe you.

I love being in the outdoors. If you aren't dirty at the end of the day, you haven't had any fun.

Muddy boots and pants from slogging along the trail.

Wet feet and capris from forging across the stream.

Sweaty hats, shirts, pants, socks and boots from hiking on a beautiful day.

Wet EVERYTHING from hiking on a not-so-beautiful day!

I love being in the outdoors. Winter, spring, summer, fall. Each season brings with it it's own natural beauty - for all 5 senses - and a different perspective on life's ups and downs. There is peace and mindfulness and serenity in nature. We need only to go out on the trail to experience it.

Hike safely!


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